Maternity Care


Pet Network Humane Society has saved more than 10,000 animals since its inception. 63% of these animals each year are female dogs with litters, late-term pregnant females or young pups (too young for adoption). These animals are at the highest risk for euthanasia at animal control agencies because of the length of time and amount of work required to see them through to adoption. Due to their high-risk status Pet Network has set aside a suite of “maternity kennels” and a Maternity Care Program to allow for the transfer of these animals that would otherwise be euthanized. The financial resources and time-commitment Pet Network invests in these at-risk animals is substantial. In order to continue to provide this life-saving opportunity to animals in need, Pet Network Humane Society is offering a naming opportunity that will help to defer the cost associated with their care. Contact or call 775-832-4404 for more detail!

How your dollars are put to work:

Medical and Surgery expenses

Medical and surgery expenses represent the highest cost for the care of this population. 80% of our medical and surgery costs directly support the vaccination, de-worming, treatment of upper respiratory infections and the spaying and neutering of puppies and kittens and moms who have been weaned from their litters.

Food expenses

Food costs represent our second highest expense. We are continually working with various organizations and vendors to supplement our food costs.

Cleaning Supplies

Due to the fact that puppies and kittens (with or without a nursing mother in the room) require extra cleaning and care of their kennels and cages, 50% of the animal care attendant’s time is spent cleaning these rooms and 50% of our cleaning supplies are used. Precaution is taken with infants to reduce the spread of diseases before their immune systems have fully developed. Supplies include; mops, floor squeegees, bleach, pine disinfectant, latex gloves, shoe covers and hair nets.