Rehoming & Surrendering

Rehoming & Surrender


 What do I do if I think I can't keep my pet?

At Pet Network, we understand that giving up a pet can be a very hard choice. We are here to provide support to keep pets out of the shelter and in loving homes.

What support do I need to keep my pet?

We want to help you and your pet stay together if at all possible, and we understand that emergencies and difficult situations are a part of life. We offer pet food assistance, training and behavioral resources, and affordable vet care.

Could one of my friends or family members take my pet?

Try asking people you know; somebody who is already familiar with your pet and their likes, dislikes, and behavior might be more easily able to adopt them or keep them temporarily. Being able to visit or check on how your pet is doing is always a plus!

What if I want to choose my pet’s new family?

There are lots of websites that help you find a new home for your pet if keeping them with you just won’t work. You can use a site like Home to Home or Rehome, or use social media outlets like Nextdoor or Facebook; this group and this group are great starting points. Petfinder also has some great tips for rehoming and how to minimize stress during the transition period.

I’ve tried everything else, and I need to surrender my pet to a shelter.

Where did you originally adopt your pet from? Many rescues or shelters require or encourage you to bring the animal back if you’re not able to care for it. Pet Network always accepts a return of an animal adopted from us, no matter how long ago the adoption was. Please give us a call at 775-832-4404 ext. 100 if this is the case so we can help!

If your pet was not adopted from Pet Network, please read the requirements below to see if your pet qualifies for surrender through our shelter.

Requirements and conditions for surrender to Pet Network (must read prior to completing questionnaire):

  • Surrender is by appointment only
  • You must be the legal owner of the pet you are surrendering and over the age of 18
  • You must live within Incline Village, NV (Don't live in Incline? Please contact Nevada Humane Society or SPCA of Northern Nevada to discuss surrendering your pet; otherwise a list of shelters near you can be found here)
  • Completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee acceptance of your pet
  • Due to limited capacity, we are not able to keep you up-to-date on your surrendered pet's adoption status. Pet Network does not guarantee placement of any animal or the length of time the animal will be held for adoption


To begin the process of surrendering to Pet Network, please complete either the cat questionnaire or dog questionnaire and a staff member will reach out to you within 72 hours.