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  • Sasha's Story

    A senior rescue, Sasha found herself in the care of a dedicated foster parent for over 120 days. Initially timid and withdrawn, Sasha slowly began to emerge from her shell in the comforting embrace of her foster home. The first few days were challenging as Sasha navigated the unfamiliar surroundings and adapted to a new routine. However, her foster parent, understanding the patience required for a senior dog, provided the gentle encouragement Sasha needed. Slowly but surely, Sasha started to trust her human companion, finding solace in the warmth and security of her foster home. One of the notable breakthroughs in Sasha's journey occurred during car rides. Initially fearful and anxious, Sasha would tremble at the mere thought of getting into a vehicle. Recognizing this hurdle, her foster parent patiently worked on building Sasha's confidence. Short, positive car rides became a regular part of their routine, allowing Sasha to associate the car with safety and care rather than fear. Months passed, and the bond between Sasha and her foster parent deepened. The once-shy senior dog transformed into a more confident and affectionate companion. The trust she had developed for her foster parent was evident in the way she leaned into their touch and wagged her tail with joy. As the days turned into months, Sasha's foster parent realized that their home had become Sasha's forever home. The decision to adopt Sasha was a natural progression of the love and connection that had blossomed between them. It was a heartwarming conclusion to a story of second chances, patience, and the beautiful transformation of a senior dog who had finally found her place of belonging. Sasha's tale serves as a testament to the impact of fostering, patience, and the extraordinary capacity for love that exists within the bond between humans and their animal companions.

  • The Inspiring Journey of Newman: From Struggle to Success

    Meet Newman, the resilient canine who came into our lives from the Animal Foundation (TAF) with a mention of a potential kneecap or knee ligament issue. Little did we know, Newman's journey to healing would unveil a much more challenging path. Upon Newman's arrival, it became evident that something was amiss. His right leg exhibited severe muscle atrophy, and he was visibly in pain. Further investigations through radiographs revealed a harsh reality - Newman had a broken and displaced right femur. The x-rays indicated that the injury had persisted for an extended period, emphasizing the urgency of intervention. In the face of this adversity, hope shone through in the form of Geno's Hope Fund. This vital resource enabled our dedicated team to take swift action and offer Newman the chance at a better life. Through surgical expertise, a metal plate and screws were applied to correct the fracture, with the ultimate goal of saving Newman's leg from the looming specter of amputation. The surgery marked a turning point in Newman's journey, a journey that is now filled with possibilities. Thanks to the compassionate support from Geno's Hope Fund, Newman is on the path to becoming a forever four-legged companion instead of facing the prospect of life on three. Newman's story is a testament to the resilience of animals and the impact of community support. Through adversity, we discovered the strength within Newman, and with the help of Geno's Hope Fund, we were able to rewrite his narrative. As Newman continues his recovery, he symbolizes the transformative power of love, care, and the unwavering dedication of those who believe in second chances. Today, Newman stands as a beacon of hope, a reminder that every broken spirit can be mended, and every journey, no matter how challenging, can lead to a brighter tomorrow. We invite you to follow Newman's inspiring tale as he embarks on this new chapter, filled with the promise of a joyful and fulfilling life ahead.

  • Keeping Your Pets Safe During Coyote Season

    Keeping Your Pets Safe During Coyote Season Coyote season can be a perilous time for our furry friends. These intelligent and adaptable wild canines are known to roam suburban and rural areas, and encounters with domestic dogs can lead to dangerous situations. To ensure your dog's safety during coyote season, it's essential to be proactive and informed. In this blog post, we'll provide you with tips and guidelines to keep your beloved pet out of harm's way. Understanding Coyotes Coyotes are highly adaptable animals that have roamed the Tahoe Basin for generations. They are typically active during the early morning and evening, making them a potential threat to dogs and other pets during these hours. Understanding their behavior is crucial for keeping your pet safe. Leash Up One of the most effective ways to protect your dog during coyote season is to keep them on a leash. This not only prevents them from wandering off but also allows you to maintain control in case of an encounter with a coyote. It's a simple yet highly effective safety measure. Avoid High-Risk Areas Coyotes are often found in parks, open spaces, and wooded areas. Be cautious when walking your dog in these locations during dawn or dusk. Choose well-lit, busy areas for your walks during these times. Secure Your Yard If you have a yard, ensure it's properly secured with a fence that's at least six feet tall. Coyotes are excellent climbers and jumpers, so take precautions to prevent them from entering your property. Make sure your gate is securely closed as well. Supervised Outdoor Time Coyote season may lead to a higher risk of encounters in your yard, even if it's fenced. Keep an eye on your dog when they're outside, especially during dawn and dusk. Supervised outdoor time can prevent unwanted confrontations. Avoid Attractants Coyotes are scavengers and are attracted to food sources. Avoid leaving pet food, garbage, and birdseed outside, as these can draw coyotes into your yard. Additionally, keep your dog's food and water bowls indoors. Outdoor Lighting Install outdoor lighting around your property to deter coyotes from coming too close. They prefer darkness and will be less likely to approach well-lit areas. Training and Recall Teaching your dog a strong recall c ommand can be invaluable. If you spot a coyote during a walk, a reliable recall command can help you bring your dog back to safety promptly. Coyote season doesn't have to be a source of constant worry. By following these precautions and staying vigilant, you can help keep your dog safe and enjoy outdoor activities without undue stress. Understanding coyote behavior, implementing safety measures, and educating your community are essential steps in ensuring your furry friend's well-being. Be proactive, and together we can make coyote season a safer time for our beloved pets.

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  • Pet Network Humane Society | Animal Hospital | Pet Network Humane Society, Village Boulevard, Incline Village, NV, USA

    WELCOME TO PET NETWORK Animal Shelter & Community Hospital Pet Network Humane Society enables pets and people to connect and thrive through compassionate care. ​ Adopt Your New Best Friend Pet Network embraces and uplifts the Adopters Welcome philosophy. We celebrate any and all adopters wanting to make a life-long commitment to a new pet. We believe in a conversation-based approach, as well as lowering common barriers to adoption such as housing and economic status. ​ Begin Your Journey Browse Available Pets Upcoming Events To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Community Animal Hospital Pet Network Community Hospital offers affordable, high-quality and high-touch veterinary care. We offer a range of services including routine health, specialty surgeries, and urgent c are. Community Hospital Hours ​ Hospital Open - Wednesday - Saturday 8am-6pm ​ Hospital Closed - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ​ A front desk representative is available to schedule appointments Wednesday - Saturday from 8am-5pm Learn More Ways to Donate Pet Network relies on donations from people like you to offer comfort, care, and refuge to animals in need. You can also explore different ways to make an impact with your gift. Donate Now Volunteer Dive into a world of compassion and make a meaningful difference by joining our cause. As we stand united in our mission to provide shelter and care for animals in need, your support as a volunteer or foster parent can be the turning point in an animal's life. Together, let's create a refuge of love and second chances. Start Now Frequently Asked Questions What can I expect when I adopt an animal from Pet Network? You can expect a warm Adopters Welcome approach to companionship where each adoption is filled with resources to set an adopter up for success. For more information about adopters welcome, click here. Is the animal that I am adopting altered and/or vaccinated? YES! Every animal that leaves our care will be microchipped, dewormed, given flea/tick prevention, spay/neutered, and vaccinated (based on age and length of stay). If I am interested in adopting an animal from you, can you hold them for me? No, unfortunately we do not place holds on any of our animals and all animals are on a first come first serve basis. Why are some animals priced higher than others? Some animals may have a higher adoption fee to help support other animals in their journey to finding a home. Subscribe + Stay in the Loop Email JOIN OUR MAILING LIST Thanks for subscribing! Adopting from Pet Network was a wonderful and fulfilling experience! You can tell the staff deeply love the animals they serve and try their hardest to bring these furry friends into your life. I’m so thankful for them bringing me together with our newest member. If you are looking to add to your family please consider adopting from here. They truly go above and beyond. Haley Pet Network Humane Society is a proud recipient of funding from the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation. ​ About the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation The Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation is a private charitable foundation based in Incline Village, Nevada. The Duffields are the founders of Maddie’s Fund, a leading animal welfare foundation dedicated to revolutionizing the status and well-being of companion animals. While the Duffields a re long-time benefactors of companion animal causes, the Foundation also allows them to foc us their philanthropic efforts in o ther areas they are passionate about, including supporting military veterans and giving back to their local community. Working with the Best Local and National Partners Learn more about our partners > Follow Us on Social Media

  • Get Involved | Pet Network

    Get Involved With a shared passion for animal welfare, we have the incredible opportunity to create a lasting impact on our community. By becoming a supporter, you'll actively contribute to our vital initiatives, from rescuing and rehabilitating homeless pets to finding them loving forever homes. Whether you lend a helping hand through volunteering, offering a donation, or simply spreading the word about our mission, your involvement will shape a brighter future for these animals in need. Let's come together to create a stronger, more compassionate community that champions the well-being of all animals. Make a Donation Upcoming Events You can’t spell “fundraising” without FUN! Join Pet Network at one of our three signature events or at various events all around Tahoe and Reno. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Volunteer & Foster Dive into a world of compassion and make a meaningful difference by joining our cause. As we stand united in our mission to provide shelter and care for animals in need, your support as a volunteer or foster parent can be the turning point in an animal's life. Together, let's create a refuge of love and second chances. Learn More Thrift Store Welcome to the Pet Network Lake Tahoe's thrift store, where compassion meets sustainability. Here, every purchase resonates with purpose, as our thrift store stands as a beacon of support for both the shelter and Pet Network Community Hospital. Shop With Us

  • Geno's Hope Fund | Pet Network

    What is Geno's Hope Fund? Geno's Hope Fund ensures every animal Pet Network rescues receives cutting-edge veterinary services, increasing their quality of life for years to come. Donate today to provide direct care to shelter animals in need, and a second chance at the life they deserve. Pet Network thanks Geno Menchetti for his generous bequest, which helped establish Geno's Hope Fund, so that no animal brought through our door goes untreated. Success Stories Sasha's Story Archie's Story How Can I Help? Geno's Hope Fund is 100% donor funded and needs the support of donors like YOU to grow. You can donate directly to the fund by clicking by using the donation portal below. Thanks to Geno Menchetti Geno's Legacy A lifelong animal lover, and twenty-year supporter of Pet Network, Geno was rarely seen around town without his dogs. ​ You may have had the privilege of knowing Geno and how passionately he felt about animal welfare. His love for animals was only matched by his love of this community. Geno served on the Board of Directors and later as an emeritus board member, lending his time, legal expertise, and love to Pet Network which has endured through today. I t was his hope that Pet Network would continue to save lives and expand our capacity for critical care. ​ Although Geno is no longer with us and is dearly missed, his generosity of spirit lives on in his gift to the animals. We are asking you to be as great of a friend to the animals as Geno was. Make a Donation

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