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  • Keeping Your Pets Safe During Coyote Season

    Keeping Your Pets Safe During Coyote Season Coyote season can be a perilous time for our furry friends. These intelligent and adaptable wild canines are known to roam suburban and rural areas, and encounters with domestic dogs can lead to dangerous situations. To ensure your dog's safety during coyote season, it's essential to be proactive and informed. In this blog post, we'll provide you with tips and guidelines to keep your beloved pet out of harm's way. Understanding Coyotes Coyotes are highly adaptable animals that have roamed the Tahoe Basin for generations. They are typically active during the early morning and evening, making them a potential threat to dogs and other pets during these hours. Understanding their behavior is crucial for keeping your pet safe. Leash Up One of the most effective ways to protect your dog during coyote season is to keep them on a leash. This not only prevents them from wandering off but also allows you to maintain control in case of an encounter with a coyote. It's a simple yet highly effective safety measure. Avoid High-Risk Areas Coyotes are often found in parks, open spaces, and wooded areas. Be cautious when walking your dog in these locations during dawn or dusk. Choose well-lit, busy areas for your walks during these times. Secure Your Yard If you have a yard, ensure it's properly secured with a fence that's at least six feet tall. Coyotes are excellent climbers and jumpers, so take precautions to prevent them from entering your property. Make sure your gate is securely closed as well. Supervised Outdoor Time Coyote season may lead to a higher risk of encounters in your yard, even if it's fenced. Keep an eye on your dog when they're outside, especially during dawn and dusk. Supervised outdoor time can prevent unwanted confrontations. Avoid Attractants Coyotes are scavengers and are attracted to food sources. Avoid leaving pet food, garbage, and birdseed outside, as these can draw coyotes into your yard. Additionally, keep your dog's food and water bowls indoors. Outdoor Lighting Install outdoor lighting around your property to deter coyotes from coming too close. They prefer darkness and will be less likely to approach well-lit areas. Training and Recall Teaching your dog a strong recall c ommand can be invaluable. If you spot a coyote during a walk, a reliable recall command can help you bring your dog back to safety promptly. Coyote season doesn't have to be a source of constant worry. By following these precautions and staying vigilant, you can help keep your dog safe and enjoy outdoor activities without undue stress. Understanding coyote behavior, implementing safety measures, and educating your community are essential steps in ensuring your furry friend's well-being. Be proactive, and together we can make coyote season a safer time for our beloved pets.

  • Corduroy (Harold)'s Story

    Once known as Corduroy, the gentle giant with a heart as big as his paws, found his forever home and a new name—Harold. Harold's journey was one of patience, resilience, and the unwavering dedication of a shelter's staff. Harold had spent a considerable amount of time at the shelter, his large size often leading potential adopters to overlook him in favor of smaller, more easily approachable dogs. But within those towering limbs and soulful eyes was a loving and kind-hearted companion waiting for the right person to see beyond his size. At the heart of Harold's transformation was Rachel Dickinson, the shelter's Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator. From the moment Rachel met Harold, she knew there was something truly special about him. She recognized the potential within his gentle nature and boundless affection, and she was determined to help him find the loving home he so deserved. Rachel worked tirelessly with Harold, spending countless hours teaching him commands, socializing him with other dogs, and introducing him to various enrichment activities that brought out his playful side. The bond between Rachel and Harold grew stronger each day as they embarked on this journey of transformation together. Through Rachel's dedication and Harold's own willingness to learn and adapt, he began to blossom into the perfect canine companion. News of Harold's progress spread throughout the shelter, capturing the hearts of everyone who met him. Despite his size, Harold's gentle demeanor and newfound confidence made him a favorite among the staff and volunteers. Then, one magical day, fate intervened. A couple walked into the shelter, drawn by Harold's warm eyes and calm presence. They had heard about his remarkable journey, and as soon as they met him, they knew he was the missing piece in their lives. The connection was instantaneous, and Corduroy, now known as Harold, had finally found his forever family. With tears of joy and bittersweet farewells, the shelter staff celebrated Harold's adoption. His story was a testament to the power of patience, determination, and the incredible impact that one person's dedication can have on the life of an animal in need. Today, Harold spends his days basking in the love and comfort of his new home, surrounded by the family that saw his true worth. He's no longer just a dog with a large size; he's a beloved member of a family that understands the beauty that lies within a gentle giant's heart. And as Harold rests his head on his new family's lap, he's a living reminder that every dog, regardless of their size or background, deserves a chance to shine and be loved unconditionally.

  • Sabrina's Story

    In the captivating world of rescue and fostering, there are stories that deeply touch our emotions and remind us of the boundless love animals bring into our lives. One such tale revolves around Sabrina, a sweet black cat who endured a challenging journey but found solace in the care of Stephanie, a dedicated and experienced cat foster with an impressive track record. This is a story of resilience, compassion, and the transformative power of love. The Devoted Foster: Enter Stephanie, a compassionate animal lover with a heart big enough to embrace every creature in need. Stephanie had been a seasoned cat foster for many years, having provided loving homes to numerous cats during their journey to forever families. When she first laid eyes on Sabrina at the local shelter, she knew she had to step in and provide the love and care this fragile feline desperately needed. Mending Wounds: Sabrina's journey to recovery was not easy. Stephanie had encountered cats with similar histories before, but she understood that each feline's healing process was unique. She was patient and gentle, spending hours sitting near Sabrina, speaking in soft whispers, and offering treats as tokens of affection. As the days turned into weeks, Sabrina slowly began to respond to Stephanie's love. She would purr softly when petted and even ventured out of her hiding spots to explore the unfamiliar territory. With each small victory, Stephanie's heart swelled with pride and joy, knowing that her devotion was making a difference. Discovering Joy: As time went on, Sabrina's true personality began to shine through. She revealed a playful side, chasing after feather toys and batting at balls of yarn. With Stephanie's encouragement, Sabrina grew more confident, relishing in the love and attention she once feared. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous. Forever Home: As much as Stephanie cherished Sabrina, she knew her ultimate goal was to find her a forever home where she could continue to blossom. Stephanie had a remarkable track record of carefully matching her foster cats with loving adoptive families. She began the search for the perfect match for Sabrina – a family that understood Sabrina's past and was willing to give her the time and patience she needed to fully trust again. The Happy Ending: Sabrina's story came full circle when a couple, touched by her journey and impressed by Stephanie's dedication, decided to open their hearts and home to this remarkable black cat. They welcomed Sabrina with love and understanding, prepared to give her all the care and devotion she deserved. As Sabrina settled into her forever home, she became a symbol of hope and resilience for all who knew her story. She proved that with the right kind of love and care, even the most wounded souls can learn to trust again and find happiness. Sabrina's tale is a testament to the incredible impact a dedicated and experienced cat foster like Stephanie can have on the life of a rescue animal. Thanks to Stephanie's unwavering love and expertise, Sabrina was nursed back to love, blossoming into a content and joyful feline. Her journey reminds us of the power of compassion and the beautiful transformations that can occur when we have skilled and caring individuals like Stephanie in the world of animal rescue.

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  • Impact & Financials | Pet Network

    Impact and Financials Welcome to an overview of the remarkable impact of Pet Network Lake Tahoe! In 2022, this dedicated organization made waves in the animal welfare community by saving the lives of over 700 furry companions. With a passionate commitment to the welfare of animals in the Lake Tahoe area, Pet Network Lake Tahoe has consistently proven its dedication to making a positive difference. Impact Reports + Statistics Recent Reports Pet Network Impact Report 2021 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2020 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2019 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2018 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2017 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2016 Public Notice Reports 2016 990 Public Notice Disclosure ​ 2017 990 Public Notice Disclosure ​ 2018 990 Public Notice Disclosure ​ 2019 990 Public Notice Disclosure ​ 2020 990 Public Notice Disclosure ​ 2021 990 Public Notice Disclosure Older Reports Pet Network Animal Statistics 2015 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2014 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2013 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2012 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2011 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2010 ​ Pet Netowrk Animal Statistics 2009 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2008 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2007 ​ Pet Network Animal Statistics 2006 Tax Exemption Letter Tax Exemption Letter Do you have a question? Send Us a Message 775.832.4404

  • About Us | Pet Network

    Our Mission Pet Network Humane Society enables pets and people to connect and thrive through compassionate care. ​ Pet Network envisions a society where all companion animals receive love and respect as valued members of families and communities. ​ We are a 501(3)c charitable organization (EIN: 94-3162646) which relies entirely on 501(c)3 tax-exempt donations fr om people like you to continue our life-saving mission. Core Values Do Radical Good Doing meaningful work with integrity and respect. Embrace Humanity Acting with kindness and being responsible stewards of people and animals. Influence Change Leading with curiosity and achieving greatness through innovation and education. Celebrate Connection Inspiring community through soulful bonds and lasting engagement. Strategic Plan Overview 2023 to 2026 Fully Realized Responsible Sheltering Greater Staff Engagement & Impact Amplified Community Awareness & Support Thriving Community Veterinary Hospital Diverse Revenue Growth Fully Realized Responsible Sheltering Adhering to our philosophy of socially conscious sheltering, we will improve care pathways and achieve consistency and efficiency in shelter operations, resulting in compassionate outcomes for ALL animals in our care. Expand access to the highest standard of animal medical care, serving the community and fueling the shelter’s mission. Thriving Community Veterinary Hospital Diverse Revenue Growth Build and strengthen Pet Network’s diverse portfolio of income sources through effective donor stewardship, a focus on major donors, profitable lines of business, and strategic community engagement. Greater Staff Engagement & Impact Cultivate a “People First” culture where highly trained and valued employees show up to work with a strong sense of commitment, security, purpose and dedication to the mission of Pet Network. Amplified Community Awareness & Support Develop a dedicated and talented community network of individuals and organizations to leverage, sustain and support the value of our mission and brand. Our History Founded in 1991 by a group of committed volunteers, Pet Network has evolved from a grassroots foster network into a respected organization and facility, with over 20 employees and over 100 volunteers and foster families. ​ Since its inception, Pet Network has rescued and rehomed more than 11,000 animals in need. ​ Today, Pet Network Humane Society continues to be a driving force for animal rescue and adoption in the northern Nevada region.

  • Pet Resources | Pet Network

    Helpful Resources for Pet Parents Many pet owners need help and support to keep their animals happy and healthy. Here are a few resources you may find helpful! Lost Pet? Here are some contacts to help you find your loved one. Tahoe Facebook Group Washoe County Animal Control Rehoming & Surrender​ What can I expect when I adopt an animal from Pet Network? You can expect a warm Adopters Welcome approach to companionship where each adoption is filled with resources to set an adopter up for success. For more information about adopters welcome, click here. Is the animal that I am adopting altered and/or vaccinated? YES! Every animal that leaves our care will be microchipped, dewormed, given flea/tick prevention, spay/neutered, and vaccinated (based on age and length of stay). If I am interested in adopting an animal from you, can you hold them for me? No, unfortunately we do not place holds on any of our animals and all animals are on a first come first serve basis. Why are some animals priced higher than others? Some animals may have a higher adoption fee to help support other animals in their journey to finding a home. Pet References Humane Society - Humane Society of the United States has an outstanding pet owner reference area to answer any questions you have from cold weather concerns to animal welfare legislation. ​ American Humane - The only animal welfare organization to protect children as well. Many resources including a guide to "humane certified" movies - where the American Humane Association was allowed on site to ensure the well-being of the animals during filming. ASPCA - Another national organization that investigates cruelty and violence against animals on a national level and has many owner resources available. TahoeDog - A great reference for visitors and locals alike, with tips on dog friendly lodging, dining and beaches in the Lake Tahoe area. ​ Emergency Pet Food Bank Pet Network is proud to offer free pet food for community members in need of support. This operates on a "no questions asked" basis and is available to all. Visit the shelter any time during operating hours to pick up a bag of food. Behavior Resources ​ Dogs: Good Pup T raining Common Dog Behavior Issues Pet Behav ior Resource Center Dog Trai ning Cats: Comm on Cat Behavior Issue Pet Behav ior Resource Center Pet Training - C ats ​ ​ Read Our Blog How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Pet How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Pet By Rachel Dickinson, Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator Stay Positive Using positive... We Tried Three Types of Dog Booties We Tried Three Types of Dog Booties Worried about your pup's paws this winter? We tried three different types of protective footwear for... Tips for Training Deaf Animals Tips for Training Deaf Animals Rachel’s Enrichment Corner By Rachel Dickinson Pet Network takes in all types of cats and dogs. This...

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