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Get Involved

With a shared passion for animal welfare, we have the incredible opportunity to create a lasting impact on our community. By becoming a supporter, you'll actively contribute to our vital initiatives, from rescuing and rehabilitating homeless pets to finding them loving forever homes. Whether you lend a helping hand through volunteering, offering a donation, or simply spreading the word about our mission, your involvement will shape a brighter future for these animals in need. Let's come together to create a stronger, more compassionate community that champions the well-being of all animals.

Upcoming Events

You can’t spell “fundraising” without FUN! Join Pet Network at one of our three signature events or at various events all around Tahoe and Reno. 

Volunteer & Foster

Dive into a world of compassion and make a meaningful difference by joining our cause. As we stand united in our mission to provide shelter and care for animals in need, your support as a volunteer or foster parent can be the turning point in an animal's life. Together, let's create a refuge of love and second chances.

Fashion Store Clerk

Thrift Store

Welcome to the Pet Network Lake Tahoe's thrift store, where compassion meets sustainability. Here, every purchase resonates with purpose, as our thrift store stands as a beacon of support for both the shelter and Pet Network Community Hospital.

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