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Make a Donation

Help support the vital work of Pet Network Lake Tahoe, an animal shelter and community hospital, by donating today. Your contribution will provide essential care, comfort, and a chance for countless animals to find loving forever homes.


Pet Network relies on donations from people like you to offer comfort, care, and refuge to animals in need. You can also explore different ways to make an impact with your gift.

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Honor a Loved One

Make a gift in honor or memory of an individual or special animal in your life, by paying it forward to homeless animals in need.

Contribute to Geno’s Hope Fund

Help us to heal and save lives by supporting this special fund to cover urgent medical attention and additional unforeseen expenses for shelter animals.


Other Ways to Give

At Pet Network, we believe in embracing innovative and personalized approaches to support vulnerable animals in need. Join us in redefining compassion by exploring these creative ways to give, ensuring that each animal receives the attention and care they deserve at Pet Network.

Legacy Giving

We humbly invite you to explore Pet Network Lake Lake Tahoe’s new Legacy Giving program. Legacy giving ensures that your support for Pet Network's life-saving work endures. But it doesn't stop there. When you enroll in the Legacy Giving program, Pet Network provides a comprehensive care plan for your animals, giving you peace of mind that your furry companions will continue to receive the love and attention they deserve.

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Deduct Your Donation

Pet Network is a 501(c)(3) community based non-profit organization (EIN: 94-3162646) that saved over 1200 lives since 2020 because of the ongoing support and compassion of people like you. Make a gift today to help give second chances to Nevada’s shelter animals!

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