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What is Geno's Hope Fund?

Geno's Hope Fund ensures every animal Pet Network rescues receives cutting-edge veterinary services, increasing their quality of life for years to come. Donate today to provide direct care to shelter animals in need, and a second chance at the life they deserve.


Pet Network thanks Geno Menchetti for his generous bequest, which helped establish Geno's Hope Fund, so that no animal brought through our door goes untreated.

German Shepherd

How Can I Help?

Geno's Hope Fund is 100% donor funded and needs the support of donors like YOU to grow. You can donate directly to the fund by clicking by using the donation portal below.

Thanks to
Geno Menchetti

Geno's Legacy

A lifelong animal lover, and twenty-year supporter of Pet Network, Geno was rarely seen around town without his dogs. 

You may have had the privilege of knowing Geno and how passionately he felt about animal welfare. His love for animals was only matched by his love of this community. Geno served on the Board of Directors and later as an emeritus board member, lending his time, legal expertise, and love to Pet Network which has endured through today.

Geno Menchetti.jpg

It was his hope that Pet Network would continue to save lives and expand our capacity for critical care.

Although Geno is no longer with us and is dearly missed, his generosity of spirit lives on in his gift to the animals. We are asking you to be as great of a friend to the animals as Geno was.

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