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Archie's Story

Meet Archie, a lovable rescue dog who has captured the hearts of many with his unique condition called myotonia congenita. Just like fainting goats, Archie experiences episodes of temporary muscle stiffness and immobility. Despite the challenges posed by his rare condition, Archie's unwavering spirit and the dedication of the medical team at Pet Network Humane Society are helping him lead a fulfilling life, inspiring others along the way.

Soon after arriving at Pet Network Archie began displaying unusual symptoms. During moments of excitement or stress, his muscles would tense up, causing temporary stiffness and limited mobility. After exploring a range of diagnoses, the Pet Network medical team diagnosed him with myotonia congenita, a condition commonly associated with fainting goats.

Myotonia congenita is a rare genetic disorder that affects the function of chloride channels in the muscles. This disruption leads to episodes of muscle stiffness, often triggered by sudden movements or stimulation. While the condition itself does not cause pain, it can be disorienting and initially alarming.

Archie's condition initially presented challenges for his caregivers at the shelter , who had to learn how to support him during his episodes. They quickly realized that by providing a calm and safe environment, they could help Archie reduce the frequency and intensity of these episodes.

Despite the challenges presented by myotonia congenita, Archie has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. Through consistent love and care, he has learned to navigate his condition and live life to the fullest. His caregivers have created an environment that fosters his well-being, ensuring that he feels safe and secure at all times.

Archie's journey has touched the hearts of many, and his story has helped raise awareness about myotonia congenita. By sharing his experiences, the team at Pet Network have provided invaluable knowledge to others who may be dealing with similar circumstances, while also highlighting the importance of adopting and rescuing animals in need.

As Archie continues to thrive, he serves as a reminder that each individual, no matter their condition, has the potential to bring joy and love into the world. His story encourages us to see beyond physical limitations and celebrate the unique spirit that resides within every living being.

Archie, the remarkable rescue dog with myotonia congenita, has touched the hearts of many with his unwavering spirit and determination. Through the love and dedication of the Pet Network team, he has overcome the challenges posed by his condition, inspiring others to approach life's obstacles with resilience and compassion. Archie's story is a reminder that every life, regardless of its challenges, is deserving of love, care, and the opportunity to thrive.

Today, Archie is available for adoption, and is in search of a very special home to help manage his condition. Archie would thrive in a calm and steady home with limited stress. To learn more about adopting Archie, visit


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