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Poppy's Story

Six-week-old Poppy and her littermates arrived at Pet Network in June. Although our veterinary staff is always prepared for complex medical cases, the extent of little Poppy’s condition was distressing.

Poppy was battling an upper respiratory infection (URI), an all-too-common disease that is rampant among shelter cats and kittens. If left untreated, URIs can lead to life-threatening complications. Poppy was immediately diagnosed with corneal ulcers in both of her eyes as a result of the untreated infection. One eye had already ruptured and the other was severely infected. The decision was simple: Poppy would have the best chance at a happy life if both of her eyes were removed.

Our Director of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Marlene Tremblay, and her incredible team worked diligently and delicately to give Poppy the medical care she needed to survive.

Sweet Poppy awoke from surgery, purring, wrapped in warm blankets, and enjoying the loving care of our attentive staff. Within the week she was home with her new family and big brother, Theo, another Pet Network alumnus!


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