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We Tried Three Types of Dog Booties

We Tried Three Types of Dog Booties

Worried about your pup's paws this winter? We tried three different types of protective footwear for dogs so you don’t have to!

1. The Best Design Pros: Flexible design with an easy-to-use sizing guide Cons: Material is prone to wear, tear, and moisture The Canada Pooch Soft Shield Protective Booties are a consumer favorite for their easy-on and tall design. A taller boot equals less slippage when out and about. The soft material is a hit with pups of all sizes, and will convert even the most staunch anti-booter. This uber-comfy material may just be the boot’s sole (no pun intended) weakness, with purchasers reporting wear and wetness as cons. These boots are best for light trail, beach, or pavement walking due to their soft design. Our dogs were significantly less fussy about getting these on their feet! 2. The Most Affordable

Pros: Affordable enough to buy a backup Cons: Quality At roughly $12 a set, these booties are an unbeatable value. These boots have all the hallmarks of a solid walking boot with a drawstring and anti-slip sole. Purchasers seem to hold these boots in high esteem, though caution consumers not to expect the Rolls Royce of canine footwear. We found them to be useful in the summer to protect from hot pavement. At this price point, however, you might do yourself a favor and pick up a backup set!

3. The Most Rugged Pros: Sturdy design for the highest levels of protection Cons: Tricky for the novice boot wearer The rear and front paw sizing guides...the Vibram Icetrek sole...the zip-up gaiter to keep the snow out...all *chef’s kiss*. What the Ruff Wear Polar Trex Boots lack in ease of use, they make up for in quality. Although our dogs were wary of the hard rubber sole and zip-up enclosure, these boots were completely locked in and ready to take whatever our active doggos were willing to throw at them. We opted for the pricer winter version for it’s added waterproofing against snow and ice. After some getting used to our dogs ended up tolerating them well enough. Any protesting on their part was worth it for the peace of mind they provided us!

Overall Winner: Ruff Wear Polar Trex Boots The rear and front paw sizing guides...the Vibram Icetrek sole...the zip-up gaiter to keep the snow out...all *chef’s kiss*. Although they took some getting used to, we were comforted in the fact that we had a perfectly fitted, high quality, and durable boot protecting our pups year-round. We would, without a doubt, purchase again!


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