Pet Network's Dumpster Puppies

"I just found a box full of puppies next to the dumpster at the gas station... Will you guys take them?" The answer of course was a resounding, "Yes! Get them here as quickly as possible!" And just like that, we all launched into Operation Dumpster Puppy...

Five intrepid volunteers assumed the daunting task of foster parent. Feedings were scheduled every two hours round the clock and spouses were pressed into service. Staunch "cat people" assumed the role of puppy parents. Throughout Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Carson hearts melted at the telling of the story and Good Samaritans came forward to lend support financially, physically, and emotionally.

These little guys are far from out of the woods yet and will still require significant funds for medical care. In short: They need your help! Every little bit helps...

Here's the Channel 4 coverage:

And the Channel 8 coverage:

And the Tahoe Bonanza story:

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